Learn authentic Mandarin Chinese NOW!!

Ni hao(HELLO)! Is Mandarin Chinese important to you and your success in your near future? YES!!

Learning Chinese with Liu Lao-shi(TEACHER LIU) is fun and easy while you are enjoying a great experience of Chinese culture! With my infectious energy to inspire you, even if you are just a beginner, you will gain your skills rapidly!

--I am a former Chinese TV reporter with a solid education in Chinese Journalism, and a Master's degree in Filmmaking earned in the U.S. My pronunciation is professionally trained, authentic and beautiful.

--As an experienced Chinese language teacher, I have excellent credentials and have been successfully teaching students (ages 5 - 56) Mandarin Chinese since 2007. My 5 years of teaching experience includes conducting big classes of 50 students and very interactive small group classes of 6-10 students, and giving one-on-one private lessons using Pinyin and simplified Chinese characters. Helping foreigners learn Chinese language and culture is fulfilling my dream of being a successful communicator through the art of teaching.

--Quality oriented, fun group classes are designed for beginners who want to "have a taste" of this popular, musical and very useful language; higher level group classes are also available for intermediate and advanced students who want to improve and polish their Chinese skills! All ages & All levels are welcome!!

--Teaching is based on the most popular, top three Mandarin Chinese textbooks: Chinese Made Easy, Contemporary Chinese, New Practical Chinese Reader, using Pin-yin system and simplified Chinese characters.

--Exciting, informative, fun and supportive group classes available for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners.

--One-on-one interactive language study includes conversational Chinese and advanced training in Chinese reading and writing.

--Personal, Business and Traveling Chinese will be crafted to your needs.

--Quality is the focus! If you are not serious about learning Chinese, please don't waste time to make phone calls. I take care of serious and motivated students ONLY! Thank you!

Small Group FEE: To join a very effective, quality and fun group class with limited seats to 5-8 students only, each student pay $20-$25 per hour, $40-$50 for the 2-hour per session.

FEE of 1-on-1 Individual session in Manhattan: my lowest 1-on-1 rate is $80 per hour, $160 for 2-hour per session.

FEE of 1-on-1 Individual session in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn: If you want to travel to my learning center for individual lesson, my lowest 1-on-1 rate is $50 per hour, $100 for 2-hour per session.

Group classes available in various Manhattan locations during weekdays and weekends from 12pm to 9pm. You are welcome if you are sincere and serious about what you want to learn and accomplish!! Please choose the closest location to you and let me know your preferred time to join in a group.

Locations to choose:

East Village- Houston Street Center, 273 Bowery (corner of Houston) (NY, 10002)
Subway directions:
* F/V to 2nd Avenue
* J/M/Z to Bowery
* B/D/F/V to Broadway-Lafayette

Union Square- 123 4th Avenue (between 12th & 13th streets), 2nd floor (NY, 10003)
Subway directions: 4, 5, 6, N, R, W, Q, L to Union Square.

Flatiron- Wix Lounge, 10 West 18th Street, 2nd Floor, NY 10011
Subway directions: N, R, 4, 5, 6, L, Q to 14 Street - Union Square

Financial District- 57 Wall Street (NY, 10005)
Subway directions: 2 or 3 to Wall Street
J or Z to Broad Street

Midtown- 120 Park Ave at 42nd ST (across from Grand Central Terminal)
Subway directions: 4, 5, 6 to Grand Central Station

Midtown- 590 Madison Ave, NY 10022 (Southwest corner of Madison Avenue and East 57th Street)
Subway directions: N, R to 5th Ave
4, 5, 6 to 59th Street @ Lexington Ave

As a devoted, creative, artistic and dynamic teacher, I have formed my own effective way of teaching Chinese to Americans without putting them under too much stress. After receiving an initial training in Pin-yin and Chinese character writing, my students can easily speak, sing, write, and perform using their Mandarin Chinese skills. The best moments for me are always when my students tell their friends or parents that learning Chinese from "Liu Lao-shi" (TEACHER LIU) is fun and easy! I greatly enjoy my students and am proud of the fun they have through my teaching and of the achievements they experience in a successful learning environment. I have a long list of students who can provide you with their references.

As one of the most experienced, creative, nurturing and classy Mandarin teachers in this City(you may check me out soon), I'm confident about what I offer my students and don't like to bargain when it comes to the fee I deserve; I would never bargain when it comes to the quality of my teaching or my commitment to the student's success in learning authentic Mandarin with great joy and pleasure. And I'd like to put everything up front, so then you see a clear picture before you finally decide to call me. Xie xie!

Only if you are genuinely interested in learning beautiful Mandarin from me, please contact Liu Lao-shi(TEACHER Liu) to talk further your intended individual lessons and your preferred schedule. Xie xie(THANK) ni(YOU) and I hope you'll have an enjoyable and successful learning of Chinese!

Scammers, jerks and sex-seekers please leave me alone as any of your dirty purposes would never get a response from me. I am here seeking serious and motivated students ONLY to share my culture with.

Ni你 hao好(HELLO)! Huan欢 ying迎(WELCOME)!! Any questions?

Contact: (646) 543-9168


Huan欢 ying迎(WELCOME)!! You really don’t need to be perfect in order to join us, and I will do my best to make our Mandarin class exciting like a happy Chinese festival:-)!!

My goal is to help you learn and practice authentic and successful Mandarin Chinese with fun and ease while you are enjoying a great experience of Chinese culture with folks who care for your progress, who understand your challenges, and who are authentic and genuine with the best knowledge of Chinese culture, arts, film, music, history, business, economics and so on…

Please always believe, “I AM THAT GOOD!” And then, you are that GOOD!!

Zai再 jian见(SEE YOU)!

Exciting NYC Mandarin Chinese Learners’ Weekly meetup!! →

What does Anna say…

I made it into China last night. When my flight ended, they played “yue liang(MOON) dai biao(REPRESENTS) wo de(MY) xin(HEART)" on the plane! I missed Liu Laoshi(TEACHER LIU) who was teaching me this beautiful song in New York, feeling so embraced by Zhong guo wen hua(CHINESE CULTURE)!!

I wanted to Xie xie(THANK YOU) for the past couple months of tutoring, help, flexibility, and kindness. I learned a lot and I plan on putting it to good use! I hope you have a beautiful summer, with lots of you游 yong泳(SWIMMING). :-)
— Anna Min  on July 2nd, 2012.

What does James say…

Ni hao! I had such a great time at our class on Thursday and would love to continue learning Mandarin with Liu Lao-shi.  I think everyone in our class has a strong interest and clear goal of learning quality Mandarin Chinese and will work hard to achieve fluency.  I really like the Chinese name Liu Lao-shi gave me-Jian 健(flourishing) mu木 (tree). I love it!! Zai jian(SEE YOU), Lao shi(TEACHER)!:-)

— James Kivlen   on May 18, 2012.

What does Robin say…

 This was a super nice Mandarin Chinese group! We had a fantastic day of exploring Chinatown!! Jane Liu is such a warm and lovely teacher and kind and generous with her time and knowledge. We learned so much new Mandarin, and so much culture too! I would definitely recommend to anyone at any level of Chinese.  Miss Liu is leading such a friendly, warm and fun group of Mandarin learners! We had such a great time with them. We will definitely want to get together with her whenever we can! 

— Robin Padron on Apr 9, 2012.

What does Qing清 Xiu秀 say…

Zao shang hao(GOOD MORNING)! Liu Laoshi, Wo(I) ai(LOVE) ni(YOU)! Zhu(WISH) ni(YOU) jin tian(TODAY) kai xin(CHEERFUL)!! Wo men(WE) xing qi er(TUESDAY) jian(MEET)!!!

— Qing清 Xiu秀 on June 18, 2012.

What does Robert say…

"Great 2-hour group class, thoughtfully developed and implemented. Learned more on this session than in the past six months of self-study.

"As always, excellent, motivating, and very helpful."

— Robert Blue on June 30, 2012.

What does 伊丽沙白(Elizabeth) say…

Wo(I) xiang(MISS) Liu Lao shi(TEACHER LIU) and her classes very much!!! My trip to China was amazing, especially after taking Chinese lessons from Liu Lao shi for a year!!! I feel like I would go to University there and live there for the rest of my life!! We went to 苏州 (Suzhou) and it was truly beautiful. We climbed the Chang cheng(Great Wall), which was A LOT of work and we also saw Tian天 an安 men门 square and the Forbidden City in Beijing. It was an unforgettable experience! My college entrance exams were over and I got into Hartwick College with a scholarship!!! So I’ll be going there.  I’m going to try to find a Chinese teacher at Hartwick but I know no one will be as good as Liu Lao shi!!:-)

伊丽沙白(Elizabeth)   on April 22, 2012.

What does Chris say…

"Exciting group of people from all diverse backgrounds!! Liu Lao-shi is a very combination of beauty, talent, and intelligence. Her lively art of teaching has brought me a curiosity of exploring what an amazing country China must be!! Her teaching skills are “head-over-heels” above anything I’ve seen from other Mandarin teachers. The class is so much fun, interactive, clear and memorable. Highly recommended!!”

—Chris Backman   on August 8, 2012.